I learned to write and read at five years old, my mom taught me, trying to curb my boredom in a time when tv was just a loudly  black and white box (That quickly changed, but by then I was totally hooked up in books).Then I started reading on my own at every opportunity that I had since I was 6 years old. My parents fueled that “hobby” with all the children´s books that they found.

But the real “turn of events” moment of my life came when I was 12 years old:  I can remember vividly the first time that I opened a book and I was struck by the blinding light of words well written: with a great purpose, full of emotions, strength and power.I said to myself ” I had no idea it was possible to write in this way”. Many years later my heart jumped when I was reading the writter’s  autobiography and I bumped into almost the same idea (in his beautiful words) that I had that day when I sneaked into my parent´s bedroom looking for something new to read and I found that unappealing brown old book buried behind a few magazines: the book was “One hundred years of solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Márquez.

Years passed and I grew up, and with such a passion for books the logical career choice for me was the law school (according to all the adults in my life). So into the law school I signed up (just like him). But after almost three years I realized that I was missing the target, and in my desperate attempt to find an excuse to remain in the law school I commited the craziness of  enrolling (also) into the international business school.(Just NOT like him). Not even for a second I thought about to transfer to the Literature or journalism school.

That choice (or likely, the narrow view of a succesful way of living that I had at that time) took me through the longest road to my true, honest and happy call: to write! Not novels…because I think that is not my thing, I have not found my way into the world of characters development and dialogues)  but  I found that I do have a knack for essays, reviews and general narrative, and that the research for a commissioned article makes me feel absolutely excited!

 I used to write occasionally for fun and also related to my work in the corporative world for almost my entire professional career, but at 38 years old I made up my mind and quit my very (at first) lucrative job as a international negotiator and purchasing planner and I started to write right away and every day, ¡The tougher but happier decision of my life!

So, For the last 2 years I´ve been looking and working hard to earn my spot into the very competitive 3.0 world without a degree or formal training but with a lot of determination and commitment. And when things seems discouraging  I glance at the old brown book that I put on my desk as a talisman the day that I decided that I was a writer.